Investigating the Effects of Intelligent Lane Control Signals on Driver Behavior

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 2:45pm

About the Event

This presentation highlighted a study that explored intelligent lane control signals (ILCS) and their effectiveness in conveying an intended message to drivers. The study used a driving simulator to present participants with five sets of ILCS, each displaying a different speed limit or lane closure warning message. The lane closure warnings included a variety of merge signs using arrows, words, and chevrons to prompt drivers to move out of a closed lane. The results of the study, which indicate that diagonal merge signs were the most effective, were also be reviewed.

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Kathleen Harder is the director of the Center for Design in Health at the University of Minnesota. Her general research interests involve investigating how various systems can be designed to enhance human performance. She has also been involved in several studies focused on designing of safer transportation environments.