Response Modification for Enhanced Operation and Safety of Bridges

Thursday, November 3, 2011 - 12:15pm

About the Event

The integrity of bridges has become a major public safety concern. In this seminar, Arturo Schultz and Steve Wojkiewicz reported on a project aimed at improving the safety and operation of bridges by developing response-modification technology for bridges and their components. The new technology monitors structural health and controls stress paths in order to protect bridges from live loading. Loads of concern include heavy but legal trucks, overloaded and illegal trucks, and catastrophic loads, such as vehicle strikes, earthquakes, or blasts. The project represented a first step toward enhanced operation and safety of bridges.

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Arturo Schultz is a professor of civil engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research is focused on the stability of slender concrete and masonry structures, the seismic behavior of structural systems, and the performance of transportation structures.

Steven Wojtkiewicz is an assistant professor of civil engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research interests include uncertainty quantification and optimization of computational mechanics and the dynamics and control of structural systems.