Identifying Methods and Metrics for Evaluating Interagency Coordination in Traffic Incident Management

Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:15am

About the Event

This seminar will address findings from a study to identify methods and metrics for evaluating interagency coordination in traffic incident management.

One role of state departments of transportation (DOTs) is traffic incident management (TIM): managing incidents that impact traffic flow on interstate highways and involve multiple agencies (e.g., police, fire).

This study found DOTs collect basic TIM performance measures (e.g., lane clearance times), but many do not record additional measures, consistently review the collected data, or analyze it unless needed to answer specific questions. Since performance evaluation of interagency coordination is one area of TIM in which little success has been attained, process improvement methods from operations management may prove useful. Recommendations are made for data collection and analysis of appropriate TIM performance measures.

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Robert Feyen is director of the Master of Environmental Health and Safety program and an assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He specializes in cognitive and physical ergonomics, and he has broad work and consulting experience that includes projects for system safety in transportation and health care systems, industrial accident investigation, human performance modeling, product design, and human-machine interfaces.