Using ITS to Serve Diverse Populations: Car Sharing in the Twin Cities

Thursday, February 24, 2005 - 3:00pm

About the Event

Car-sharing programs have been in existence in a number of cities in the United States for over five years and have since seen steadily expanding memberships. The purpose of this research is to identify markets and neighborhoods where a car-sharing program might be effective in the Twin Cities region, and to develop a model where low-income individuals could better access this new alternative. For the purposes of understanding the qualities of car-sharing program members and the ways in which they used the service, the researchers conducted exploratory focus group interviews with users of established car-sharing programs in Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL. The researchers discovered that car sharing is a promising element in a multi-modal transportation strategy, and that many opportunities exist for coordination with public transit systems. Thus, in addition to developing recommendations for potential sites for the implementation of a car-sharing service in the Twin Cities, the policy implications of this research will assist in the development of a car-sharing program that could provide better transportation services to the transit-dependent population.