Development of an Economic Impact Measurement Tool for Small/Medium Size Commercial and Public Use Airports in Minnesota

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 3:00pm

About the Event

Minnesota has over 130 publicly supported airports. Most are small and located in rural areas of the state. In recent years concern has been raised over whether there is sufficient economic impact generated by the airports to justify the public expenditures necessary to keep them active.

In an attempt to deal with part of the economic impact question a web site was created that houses an Economic Impact calculator. This calculator allows airport managers to answer some straightforward questions about the types of activity taking place at the airport. Using an equation developed from primary data research the answers to the questions allow for final output (expenditures) to be estimated. These final output numbers are subjected to county based economic multipliers (IMPLAN) with the resulting output detailing economic impact by type of economic activity and the numbers of jobs supported by the calculated level of expenditures.


William Gartner