Usage Patterns of Diesel and Fuel Oil in Minnesota: Considerations for Using Biodiesel to Reduce Emissions

Tuesday, February 24, 2004 - 3:00pm

About the Event

This project represents a first effort to determine seasonal and locational usage patterns of various types of machines utilizing diesel and fuel oil in Minnesota.

This study was conducted to facilitate policy analysis in advance of development of policies designed to increase the use of biodiesel for targetted uses. Identification of diesel usage patterns may serve policymakers seeking to reduce the emissions patterns most affecting individuals or large groups of people, especially those residing in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

An Excel workbook was constructed in order to allocate usage patterns according to highway, off-road, school transport, public transport, agricultural, home heating, and industrial and other categories. In addition to the type of machine using diesel, the month and county of use were also determined. Because diesel engines are capable of utilizing various blends of biodiesel, this spreadsheet will offer policymakers the opportunity to determine costs of implementing various policies. Suppliers and distributors of fuel products will gain information on emerging seasonal needs of biodiesel.


Douglas G. Tiffany, Applied Economics