Building Our Way Out of Congestion - Highway Capacity for the Twin Cities

Wednesday, October 8, 2003 - 3:00pm

About the Event

What would it take to build our way out of congestion? To answer this, a minimal set of highway capacity expansions that accommodates future travel demand and guarantees mobility must be determined. The problem of identifying capacity expansions that are in some sense optimal, while accounting for traveler reaction, is known as a network design problem. Numerous formulations and solution algorithms have been published over the last three decades, however the problem of implementing these for large-scale networks has remained a challenge.

This research presents a solution procedure which incorporates the capacity expansion as a modified step in the Method of Successive Averages. This provides an algorithm capable of solving problems of real-world complexity. A network design problem is then solved for the freeway system of the Twin Cities, providing a lower bound on the extent to which physical expansion of highway capacity could be used to accommodate future growth while guaranteeing a given level of mobility.


Gary Davis, Civil Engineering

Kate Sanderson, URS Corporation