2006 Oberstar Forum Transportation Choices: The Important Role of Walking and Biking

Sunday, April 9, 2006 - 2:00pm
United States

About the Forum

The 2006 Oberstar Forum explored the value of integrating non-motorized transportation into communities. SAFETEA-LU has provided substantial federal funding to advance and evaluate walking and biking systems. The forum considered several key aspects of investing in these modes, including:

  • the integration of the design of non-motorized facilities into the community and transportation network
  • the value of increased accessibility on economic activity, livability, and community identity
  • recreation and health benefits, and safety concerns
  • the role of local, state, and federal government, and the impacts of geography and culture

The featured speaker of this year’s forum was Berthold Tillmann, the mayor of Münster, Germany. Münster looks like the medieval village it once was but features a highly effective transportation network to allow quick and easy access to work, shopping, entertainment, and schools. Münster boasts of a daily mode share of bicycling approaching 40 percent, and recently received a global “Most Livable Community” award.

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