From Pearl Harbor to Helicopters: How to Lead in a Multigenerational Transportation Workplace

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 - 3:00pm

About the Event

Today's leaders face many unique challenges. One of these is a transportation workplace comprising four generations—a first for modern-day leaders. "From Pearl Harbor to Helicopters" explores in-depth the work-related values that differentiate the generations. While each generation has a significantly different value set, all four are capable of producing outstanding work products and services. To achieve this level of performance, the contemporary leader needs to utilize values-driven processes and practices that elicit maximum results. DeCoster's presentation will identify and explore specific leadership practices and processes unique to each generation, with particular emphasis on employee recruitment, motivation, and retention.


Thomas DeCosterExecutive Director, Leadership Institute, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

In addition to his AASHTO position, DeCoster is the director of the Management Institute at Indiana Hospital & Healthcare Association. He previously was a professor of public and environmental affairs and the director of executive education at Indiana University.