In Real Time, Virtually: Evolving Paradigms and Methodologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Thursday, February 10, 2005 - 3:00pm

About the Event

Developments in telecommunication technologies, especially in wireless, and the widespread adoption of personal mobile devices are considerably expanding the vision and capabilities initially envisioned for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). This presentation will highlight the growing inter-relationship between telecom-munications and transportation, define the concept of telemobility, and speculate about some of the implications of ongoing tech-nological and market develop-ments for ITS. One of these is the growing availability of real-time data from a variety of sources about the state of the system and the behavior of users; the presentation will discuss changes in method-ological requirements to leverage this oppor-tunity. Approaches for using real-time data for operational purposes will be illustrated for network traffic management and commercial fleet operation. Mahmassani will conclude with the identification of five "big themes" for research and devel-opment in telemobility and the emerging opportunities for ITS.


Hani Mahmassani, Professor and Director, Maryland Transportation Initiative