14th annual Freight and Logistics Symposium

Friday, December 3, 2010 - 10:30am
United States

Sustainability: Does it Make Cents?

Sustainability initiatives may help polish the image of the freight transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries as well as benefit the environment, but will sustainability also improve the bottom line of each? Sustainability is multifaceted, affecting a wide range of businesses in a variety of ways. For instance, sustainability initiatives can involve everything from materials and packaging to site selection, delivery routes, and fuels. Moreover, making sense of sustainability is especially challenging as companies throughout industry struggle to pick up the pieces from the enormous upheaval caused during the Great Recession.

At this year’s symposium, representatives from the business community, academia, and the public sector explored the financial implications of sustainability on freight and logistics providers. One panel discussion offered national perspectives on sustainability. Another panel discussed the impacts of sustainability on business models, focusing by mode (water, rail, and trucking) on the pros and cons of sustainability in the freight and logistics community.




  • Moderator: Gina Baas, Assistant Director, Center for Transportation Studies
  • Laurie McGinnis, Director, Center for Transportation Studies
  • Meg Duncan, President, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
Presentation (293 KB PDF)
  • Ron Have, President, Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee

Public Sector Freight Initiatives Update

  • Bill Gardner, Director, Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Presentation (939 KB PDF)

Perspectives on Sustainability in an Interdependent World: A Panel Discussion

  • Moderator: Dan Murray, Vice President, Research, American Transportation Research Institute
  • Kevin  Jones, VP Northern Division, Supply Chain Logistics, Walmart Corporation
Presentation (6.43 MB PDF)
  • Cheryl Bynum, Director, EPA Smartway Program
Presentation (824 KB PDF)
  • Don Scott, Director of Sustainability, National Biodiesel
  • Wayne Johnson, Board of Directors, National Industrial Transportation League

Can We Affect Sustainability? Cost Impacts to the Business Models

  • Moderator: Carissa Shively-Slotterback, Assistant Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Richard Cox, Branch Manager, Kuhene + Nagel
Presentation (671 KB PDF)
  • David Simpson, Principal, David P. Simpson Consultants LLC
Presentation (2.19 MB PDF)
  • Joyce Brenny, President, Brenny Transportation

Wrap-up and Adjourn

  • Gina Baas, Assistant Director, Center for Transportation Studies


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