2010 Capacity Building Workshops for Cost Estimation and Cost Management

Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 4:30pm
United States

Workshop Purpose and Objectives

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To build expertise and capacity for planning and engineering professionals to implement the NCHRP Report 574 guidebook on cost estimating and cost management
  • To learn how states are moving forward with the implementation of the guidebook or other initiatives related to cost estimating and cost management
  • To share advances and lessons learned from other states’ initiatives on cost estimating
  • To develop action plans for initiatives in support of cost estimating and cost management implementation

Workshop Materials

Workshop Presentations

Overview of NCHRP Report 574 Guidebook: Total Project Cost

Presentation: NCHRP Report 574 and Beyond

  • Stuart Anderson, Professor, Texas A&M University

Minnesota DOT Experiences

Presentation: Mn/DOT’s Cost Estimating and Project Development

  • Mike Ginnaty, Director, Project Scope and Cost Management, Minnesota DOT

Presentation: Project Scoping and Project Management at MnDOT

  • Jean Wallace, Director, Project Scoping Section, Minnesota DOT

Findings from NCHRP 8-60 – Guidebook on Risk Analysis Tools and Management Practices to Control Transportation Project Costs

Presentation: NCHRP Report 658

  • Keith Molenaar, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Download Presentation Slides (1.12 MB PDF)

Tools for Measuring Risk


Presentation: Probabilistic Cost Estimating using Crystal Ball Software

  • Jack Young, California DOT

Handout: Risk Management Report (3.0 MB PDF)

Presentation: Risk Based Estimating and Management at WSDOT

  • Terry Berends, Washington State DOT

Presentation: FHWA Risk Based Cost Estimate Reviews

  • Craig Actis, FHWA

Other Agency Experiences

Presentation: Office of Project Letting Cost Estimating Process

  • Raymond Mabey, Oregon DOT

Presentation: Risk Measurement - Local Experience

  • Paul Judd, Nevada MPO

Presentation: Cost Estimating & Cost ManagementFlorida DOT Approach

  • Greg Davis, State Estimates Engineer, Florida DOT

Presentation: Cost Risk Management - a small program perspective

  • Lesly Tribelhorn, Montana DOT