Transportation Planning and the Economy Research Council

This council examines topics concerning land use, urban design, community and human issues, transportation modes, funding and finance, economic development, freight and logistics, public policy, the global economy, and more.


Activities of the Council include:

  • Provide advice during research project activities.
  • Identify and advance emerging research needs and opportunities.
  • Participate in seminars and other mechanisms to disseminate research results.
  • Assist in planning the annual CTS Research Conference.


The Council meets a minimum of three times per year; fall and winter meetings are generally held in conjunction with research seminars.


Council members are appointed by the CTS director on behalf of the CTS Executive Committee, following nomination by the council chair. Approximately one-third of council members are University faculty or staff. Non-University members include a balance of business, government, and other interests.

A membership rotation occurs every three years. Though members may serve more than one consecutive three-year term, an effort is made to rotate approximately one-third of council membership during a rotation year. In addition to members, “friends” of councils also participate in council activities. New members will often be drawn from friends who are active within councils.

How do I become involved?

If you are interested in becoming a friend of one or more of the councils, please contact Kaydee Kirk, CTS program coordinator, at 612-626-5854 or, or return the Council interest form (488KB PDF).


  • Chair: Jonathan Ehrlich — Metropolitan Council
  • Vice-Chair: Mary Karlsson — Kimley-Horn
  • Lisa Austin — MnDOT
  • Saif Benjafaar — Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Lynne Bly — MnDOT Metro District
  • Scott Bradley — MnDOT
  • Jack Broz
  • Ken Buckeye — MnDOT
  • Jason Cao — University of Minnesota
  • David Christianson — SRF Consulting Group Inc.
  • Elizabeth Colburn
  • Margaret Donohoe — Minnesota Transportation Alliance
  • Karen Donohue — Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • Frank Douma — University of Minnesota
  • Yingling Fan — University of Minnesota
  • William Gardner — MnDOT
  • Bruce Holdhusen — MnDOT
  • Connie Kozlak
  • Brad Larsen — MnDOT
  • John Levin — Metro Transit
  • Greg Lindsey — University of Minnesota
  • Alfred Marcus — Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • Gerald McCullough — Applied Economics, University of Minnesota
  • Lee Munnich — Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
  • Dan Murray — American Transportation Research Institute
  • Guillermo Narvaez — University of Minnesota
  • Mark Nelson — MnDOT
  • Sam O'Connell — Southwest Light Rail Project Office
  • Carissa Slotterback — University of Minnesota
  • Ingrid Schneider — University of Minnesota
  • Thomas Scott — Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota
  • Noel Shughart — MnDOT
  • Fay Simer — Stantec
  • Ying Song — University of Minnesota
  • Don Thiesen — Washington County
  • Dave Van Hattum — Transit for Livable Communities
  • Mary Vogel — University of Minnesota
  • John Wilson — MnDOT
  • Jerry Zhao — Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota