CTS Job Openings

Manager of Coordinated Research

Deadline: March 31, 2017
Salary range: $64,000–$73,000

This position responsible for the development and delivery of CTS's coordinated research program, including overseeing the work of the research coordinator, building partnerships between sponsors and University faculty and staff, and assisting in the design and execution of sponsored programs and projects.

Position responsibilities include:

  • Manage CTS's research development and engagement activities for the coordinated research program. Guide and position University researchers for external funding opportunities with MnDOT, Local Road Research Board, the Transitway Impacts Research Program, Metropolitan Council, and Metro Transit. Manage the Center’s RFP and research project selection processes, including communicating with sponsors and faculty on RFP requirements, and managing the preparation of the RFP.  Facilitate meetings for proposal discussion and funding recommendations, and disseminate funding notifications.  Track emerging issues in transportation research and manage communications about funding opportunities for CTS-affiliated researchers.  Lead and participate in sponsor partnership meetings and coordinate activities, as needed. Lead and design the activities of the Center’s four Research Councils and work with their chairs to maximize stakeholder engagement in CTS research activities. Deliver the CTS Scholars Program in consultation with the CTS Director and Assistant Director, Coordinated Research and Implementation. Lead the biennial processes to select and appoint CTS Scholars, CTS Faculty Fellows, and CTS Senior Scholar. Manage the biennial RFP for seed research funding and provide strategic direction on project selection.  Plan and deliver Scholars meetings.  Oversee distribution and tracking of Scholars funding allocations.
  • Manage the Center’s research administration activities for the coordinated research program. Oversee work plan processing and contract development for research projects led by University faculty and research staff.  Serve as liaison between University researchers and sponsors when issues arise and facilitate resolution of the issues when appropriate.  Assess and analyze the research program financial data, and problem-solve issues as needed.  Set direction for and participate in initiatives for improved administration and communication of research information with sponsors. Oversee program staff working on activities such as:
      • Executing research program delivery, including the development, tracking, and monitoring of research program budgets and allocations; processing of departmental research project work plans and contracts; and monitoring of project progress
      • Developing and enhancing research administration processes and tools, including initiatives to improve the functionality of the CTS Contract Management Database (CMD) for managing and reporting project information
      • Administering federally-funded University Transportation Center research projects in accordance with USDOT requirements
      • Monitoring matching funding levels and tracking processes, and identifying opportunities to obtain matching funds for the UTC program.
  • Provide support to business development activities that attract funding for transportation research by identifying funding opportunities; facilitating connections and the formation of interdisciplinary research teams; and communicating and promoting University expertise. Serve as project manager for proposal/work plan development, working with researchers and CTS staff, in response to research funding opportunities. Coordinate with PIs to identify capabilities, uniqueness of expertise, emerging issues and topics, key stakeholders and sponsors, results of past research, and potential impact of future research.  Develop and maintain processes for creating faculty-led proposals in response to funding opportunities.
  • Guide communication of research-in-progress and research results.  Collaborate with the Communications and Information Group to identify outreach opportunities for research-in-progress and the dissemination of research results. Encourage the transfer of research results into practice through sharing implementation ideas with research councils, partnerships and other external groups.  Oversee the collection and communication of research performance data to describe and highlight successes of the research program. Review research-related content of the Center’s key outreach and communication publications.



  • BA/BS and at least 5 years of related professional experience, or an advanced degree and 3 years of experience, or a combination of related education and work experience to equal 9 years
  • Experience managing transportation research or related transportation activities
  • Proven record of leadership and accomplishment
  • Documented experience working effectively with diverse organizations and individuals
  • Proficient in using facilitation and communication skills to promote collaboration and/or resolve conflict
  • Skillful writer able to communicate complex issues in a concise and thoughtful manner
  • The successful candidate will also be resilient, curious, and nimble, and able to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment


  • Experience interacting with academia, government, and transportation practitioners
  • Strong understanding of emerging transportation issues and ability to develop those into potential research or engagement opportunities
  • Skilled at guiding the work of others, providing direction and oversight as appropriate to lead to positive outcomes
  • Experience in developing systems to enhance processes and to improve program delivery performance
  • Experience developing and managing program budgets

Application Procedure

To apply, please visit the University of Minnesota job search site. The application deadline is March 31, 2017.