Mission & Goals

CTS Vision

Be a premier transportation innovation resource to the world

CTS Mission  

A catalyst for transportation innovation through research, education and outreach


CTS strives for excellence in three areas:

Strengthen research expertise and knowledge development

CTS strengthens the research and education expertise in transportation-related fields among the faculty and staff within the University. In addition to expanding the expertise of current faculty and staff with whom it works, the Center endeavors to attract other faculty and staff in the University to transportation-related fields and create new faculty and research positions in areas where expertise is lacking.

Champion knowledge transfer and education

CTS champions formal credentialed education initiatives by supporting the development of more University education programs in transportation-related areas, both degree-related education and short courses. These programs offer credentials such as degrees, minors, certificates, CEUs, etc. to new students, working professionals, and policymakers.

Foster stakeholder and public engagement

CTS initiates and responds to public and stakeholder education and communication. CTS strives to be visible as a catalyst for focusing the public debate on transportation-related issues while maintaining the role of an objective neutral facilitator. The Center is proactive in reaching the media, elected officials, public interest groups, and ultimately the public itself on current and future issues in transportation.