Blatnik Bridge Technical Analysis Project

Principal Investigator:

Ben Dymond, Assistant Professor, UMD-Civil Engineering

Project Summary:

WSP performed an LRFR load rating of the Blatnik Bridge (MnDOT Bridge 9030), and additional testing was undertaken to better understand the current condition and behavior of the bridge. An important component of that process was to conduct a diagnostic load test to calibrate structural models of the bridge and observe how stresses distribute through the structure. UMD researchers instrumented and collected data from span 13 of the Blatnik Bridge, which included installation of 23 sensors to measure strain distribution during 12 semi-static truck runs with vehicles crawling at 5 mph across the span in four different route patterns.


Project Details:

  • Start date: 06/2018
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Research Area: Infrastructure