Utility Coordination Training for Local Agencies and Utility Owners, FY09

Principal Investigator:

Jim Grothaus, Sr Dir, Tech Assist & Custom Trng, Center for Transportation Studies

Project Summary:

The Implementation of the new Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) utility coordination process impacted existing roles and responsibilities of Mn/DOT personnel, consultants, utility owners, and local agencies involved with utility coordination. Consequently, unforeseen implementation issues were expected to surface as Mn/DOT began to apply the new utility coordination process. A careful implementation strategy played an important role in the successful adoption of the new utility coordination process: the Mn/DOT Utility Training expanded specific training for Minnesota city and county personnel who coordinated utilities on Mn/DOT trunk highway right-of-way, and trained utility owners to better understand the Mn/DOT coordination process and their associated roles and responsibilities.


Project Details: