Truck Weight Compliance Education and Outreach Program

Principal Investigator:

Jim Grothaus, Sr Dir, Tech Assist & Custom Trng, Center for Transportation Studies

Project Summary:

Increased truck traffic in Minnesota has resulted in concern by state, county, city, and township transportation authorities regarding possible damage to routes by overweight trucks. In response to those concerns, the Truck-Weight Education and Outreach Program was created to promote voluntary truck-weight compliance. Its objectives were twofold: to significantly reduce damage to public roads and highways and, in turn, to reduce the resulting repairs and expense due to overweight vehicles. The program, administered by LTAP, offers continued training in truck-weight compliance with topics covering legal weights; when and where weights change; and laws governing gross weights, axle weights, tire weights, road-restriction weights, and seasonally increased (winter and harvest) weights. It has also incorporated expanded information and outreach services by giving targeted presentations, introducing web resources, and providing technical assistance to support industry shippers, carriers, and public agency personnel on the proper application of Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Weight Laws and enforcement policies.


Project Details: