Linking the LRT to the City: The Hiawatha Districts

Principal Investigator:

Mary Vogel, Director, Center for Changing Landscapes


Project Summary:

Research Summary: Using the Hiawatha Corridor as a case study, this project seeks to address the opportunities and the challenges that a transitway creates when it retrofits an existing urban environment. Here Hiawatha Avenue, a 4 lane arterial roadway, and the LRT corridor along its length transect a variety of districts. Among the issues to be explored include the potential character of the corridor as a land use seam in the city; the optimal sitting and the conceptual design of transit stations from a neighborhood and ridership perspective; corridor relationship to other transportation systems such as pedestrian system, cross town bus service, greenways and major cross streets; the character of the districts at the stations; and conceptual development/redevelopment opportunities created by the stations at 15th, Franklin; Lake, 38th, 46th; and Minnehaha Park.


Project Details:

  • Start date: 08/1998
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Research Area: Environment and Energy
  • Topics: Rail, Urban Transportation