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Transportation research at the University of Minnesota covers the spectrum from basic to applied research, drawing on the many transportation-related disciplines within the University. The Center actively supports the formation of multidisciplinary research teams.

2015 Research Highlights

Research highlights at CTS for 2014-2015 include: hardier roadside grasses, tribal transportation safety, left-turn safety, maximizing system performance, clear roads in winter, well-rested truckers, increased transit ridership, more efficient buses, safer teen drivers, understanding travel behavior, better asphalt pavements, and healthy lakes and rivers.

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Meet a Researcher

Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering, UMD

Eshan Dave's research interests include pavement design, rehabilitation, and repair; performance testing and performance-based material selection criteria; computational modeling of pavement structures; viscoelastic material characterization and modeling; functionally graded materials; renewability and sustainability; fracture analysis of pavements; and recycling of asphalt pavements.

Dave obtained a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from S.P. University in India. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Illinois.