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Transportation research at the University of Minnesota covers the spectrum from basic to applied research, drawing on the many transportation-related disciplines within the University. The Center actively supports the formation of multidisciplinary research teams.

2015 Research Highlights

Research highlights at CTS for 2014-2015 include: hardier roadside grasses, tribal transportation safety, left-turn safety, maximizing system performance, clear roads in winter, well-rested truckers, increased transit ridership, more efficient buses, safer teen drivers, understanding travel behavior, better asphalt pavements, and healthy lakes and rivers.

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Meet a Researcher

Program Director
Computer Science & Engineering

Vassilios Morellas's research interests include geometric image processing, machine learning, robotics, and sensor integration to enhance the automation of electromechanical systems. Past work also focused on developing intelligent transportation systems to reduce run-off-the-road crashes.