Parking FlexPass at ABC Ramps: Integrating Parking and Transit Options for Sustainable Mobility

Principal Investigator:

Yingling Fan, Assistant Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs


  • Frank Douma, Director, SLPP, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Chen-Fu Liao, Senior Systems Engineer, Mechanical Engineering
  • Julian Wolfson, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health

Project Summary:

The Parking FlexPass at ABC Ramps project is an innovative way to leverage existing transportation infrastructure and systems to address our regiona??s mobility challenges and reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) travel to downtown Minneapolis. The project aims to build a program with broad organizational support that allows ABC Ramp parking contract holders to have more commute mode flexibility. Currently, although commuters have expressed a strong desire to have more flexibility a?? to drive some days and use transit other days, many employers do not offer any transportation benefit products that give them this flexibility. Transportation benefit packages tend to offer benefits for either parking or transit, not both. This project will create a product that that employers can include in their benefits packages that allows commuters to have a guaranteed parking space on days they need to drive and use transit on other days. The product could provide other benefits such as access to car share, bike share, carpooling and more. This project is a result of study findings from the ABC Ramps Transportation Options Program Plan. The project will greatly benefit commuters by offering more commute mode flexibility and will significantly reduce peak-hour traffic congestion for downtown Minneapolis commuters. This proposal is for matching funds from MnDOT to support the work of the U of M team, and includes support for all tasks noted below.


Project Details: