Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Sensor and Controller Operation and Performance Comparison

Principal Investigator:

Diwakar Gupta, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Project Summary:

Intercomp, a Minnesota company headquartered in Medina, manufactures Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) sensors and controllers. They have installed a WIM system at MnROAD. MnDOT has also installed a WIM at MnROAD that has quartz piezo-electric sensors manufactured by Kistler and a controller manufactured by IRD. MnDOT would like to perform a project to compare the quality and long-term performance of both systems. Depending on the results of the initial test, MnDOT would like to test a couple of different options, including the development of an interface of Intercomp sensors with the IRD controller and an evaluation of modifications needed to make to its existing WIM polling software to be able to communicate and download data from the Intercomp system.


Project Details: