Implementation of a Low-Cost Weigh-in-Motion System

Principal Investigator:

Taek Kwon, Professor, UMD-Electrical Engineering

Project Summary:

Ceramic piezoelectric sensors called brass linguine (BL) are much less expensive than the conventional crystalline-quartz piezoelectric sensors, but the ceramic sensors are overly sensitive to temperature changes. During the development of the portable weigh-in-motion (WIM) system, a potential method was developed that could allow the use of the lower-cost ceramic sensors and maintain a similar accuracy currently available only with much higher-cost crystalline-quartz sensors. This project will install the new WIM system at a test site on Minnesota Hwy 61 at milepost 18.1 (the current WIM system is located at milepost 16.3) and collect and analyze data to evaluate its performance.


Project Details: