Evaluate and Develop Innovative Pavement Repair and Patching: Taconite-Based Repair Options

Principal Investigator:

Lawrence Zanko, Research Fellow, UMD-NRRI


Project Summary:

This research aims to 1) further develop and assess--in the laboratory and in field trials--innovative pavement repair options, with an emphasis on two taconite-related options; 2) based on consultation with MnDOT District 1 and the project TAP, conduct comparative testing and in-place analysis of a variety of repair methods and materials; 3) monitor repair performance following field installation; 4) work collaboratively with others involved to formulate an overarching patching/sealing solutions effort; 5) provide end-users/maintenance departments with a comparative "toolkit" of repair options from which to choose that deliver superior performance and longevity; and 6) develop informational sheets about the products and repair procedures, and present project findings at one or more venues/conferences.


Project Details:

  • Start date: 08/2012
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Research Area: Infrastructure
  • Topics: Maintenance, Pavements