Low-Cost Innovative Approaches to Improve Safety at Unsignalized Intersections on 4-Lane Divided Highways

Principal Investigator:

Kathleen Harder, Senior Research Associate, College of Design


Project Summary:

Intersection crashes represent a significant portion of total crashes nationwide, accounting for an average of 9,000 fatalities and 1.5 million injuries annually. Without resorting to roundabouts or grade separations, there are a number of relatively low-cost approaches (either already in use in other countries or that could be developed) to improve the safety of unsignalized intersections on four-lane divided highways. In the first stage of this research, the principal investigators (PIs) will use their expertise, along with computer simulation, to develop innovative and viable safety improvements at unsignalized intersections. A select group of traffic engineers will participate in a roundtable discussion to give input on the recommendations of the researchers, who will incorporate their suggestons. In the second stage, the recommended strategies will be tested at one representative intersection. Mn/DOT will implement the recommended interventions and provide data-collection technology. The PIs will conduct the field test, analyze the data collected, and write the final report. Recommended improvements will likely have a significant impact on reducing the number and severity of crashes at unsignalized intersections on four-lane divided highways, benefiting motorists in Minnesota and across the United States.


Project Details: