CTS Report and Research E-News are now Catalyst

The CTS Report and the CTS Research E-News have been replaced by Catalyst, a new CTS publication highlighting transportation-related innovations at the University of Minnesota.

Features of the publication include:

  • A new name—Catalyst—to capture the role CTS and our partners play in accelerating transportation innovation.
  • A new look, to make it easier for busy readers to quickly browse and find the latest developments in the world of transportation innovation.
  • A new choice, for you to receive this publication electronically and/or on paper, whatever works best for you in your rapidly changing world.

We heard your feedback, and we're very excited about these changes. Our aim with Catalyst is to keep you current on the latest in transportation-related research and activities coming from the University of Minnesota.

If you have suggestions or other ideas for how we can better serve you, please let us know.