Research Reports

Deformability of Shredded Tires

Principal Investigator:

Andrew Drescher, Dave Newcomb, Thor Heimdahl

January 1999

Report no. Mn/DOT 1999-13

Projects: Deformability Parameters of LIghtweight Fills

Topics: Pavement design for cold climates

This report describes three separate studies that examine the deformability of shredded tire fill material: The first study determined the response of shredded tires to cyclic loading. These tests were conducted in a load frame on both constrained and unconstrained samples and showed that the material became stiffer with increasing load. The second study focused on the long-term creep settlements of constrained and unconstrained samples. The results indicate that creep exists for a period of up to two years after loading. The third study investigated the possible anisotropic properties of the material. A larger modulus of elasticity was found in directions parallel to the layers than in the direction perpendicular to the layers. However, settlements computed using a representative anisotropic shredded tire fill material indicate that the current settlement analysis, based on isotropic shredded tire layers, predicts maximum settlements conservatively.

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