Research Reports

Design and Construction Guidelines for Thermally Insulated Concrete Pavements

Principal Investigator:

Lev Khazanovich, Mark Watson, Nicholas J Santero, John Harvey, Jose T Balbo, Luke Johanneck, Rita Lederle, Mihai O Marasteanu, Priyam Saxena, Derek Tompkins, Mary Vancura, James Signore

January 2013

Report no. MnDOT 2013-02

Projects: TPF-5(149) Composite Pavements

Topics: Asphalt, Concrete, Pavement design for cold climates

The report describes the construction and design of composite pavements as a viable design strategy to use an asphalt concrete (AC) wearing course as the insulating material and a Portland cement concrete (PCC) structural layer as the load-carrying material. These pavements are intended for areas with heavy trucks and problem soils to increase the service life and minimize maintenance. The project focused specifically on thermally insulated concrete pavements (TICPs) (that is, composite thin AC overlays of new or structurally sound existing PCC pavements) and developed design and construction guidelines for TICPs. Specific research objectives include determining behavior of the layers of the TICP system, understanding life-cycle costs and the feasibility of TICPs, and incorporating the results into design and construction guidelines. Both construction and design guidelines are considered in light of the construction and performance of TICP test sections at the Minnesota Road Research project (MnROAD).

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