The missing link: bike network quality boosts bike commuting

U of M researchers analyzed bike networks in 74 U.S. cities and found that factors such as connectivity and directness are important for predicting bike commuting.

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Green Line light-rail corridor: new model helps analyze congestion impacts on nearby roads

Researchers used a highly complex traffic model of the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area to examine the Green Line’s congestion impacts.

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Salt-tolerant sod and seed mixes bring greener roadsides to Minnesota

A U of M team has been working to identify the best seed and sod for use along Minnesota’s roadsides, where grass must be able to withstand extreme stresses.

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Timber bridge safety inspections improve

Researchers have identified new advanced inspection techniques and equipment for timber bridges and developed implementation strategies.

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Travel behavior study shows drivers are spending less time traveling

The first study in a five-part series explored how changes in the accessibility of destinations have changed travel behavior in the past 20 years.

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Transportation and supply chain decisions are key to reducing carbon emissions

A U of M study found that firms could reduce their carbon footprint without significantly increasing their costs.

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