New warning systems aim to reduce rear-end crashes on freeways

Using existing active traffic management infrastructure, U of M researchers developed and tested two prototypes for queue warning systems.

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Minnesota freight market profiled in new paper

The paper, authored by a U of M researcher, identifies key aspects of an attractive freight market in Minnesota.

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Summer camp sparks students’ interest in transportation

In July, 31 middle schoolers participated in CTS’s third National Summer Transportation Institute.

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Policies needed to ensure the promise of self-driving vehicles for those unable to drive

Self-driving vehicles could improve mobility and access for those unable to drive, but public policy decisions are needed to ensure an equitable transportation system.

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How equitable is bicycling infrastructure?

U of M researchers looked at this issue using Minneapolis as a case study and found that though inequities still exist, equity is improving.

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New light-rail transit leads to sizable increase in nearby housing values

U of M researchers found that the Green Line lifted the values of houses within a quarter mile of stations in St. Paul.

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