Travel behavior study shows drivers are spending less time traveling

The first study in a five-part series explored how changes in the accessibility of destinations have changed travel behavior in the past 20 years.

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Transportation and supply chain decisions are key to reducing carbon emissions

A U of M study found that firms could reduce their carbon footprint without significantly increasing their costs.

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Transit shelters and amenities affect perceived wait times

Several factors can have a measurable impact on bus riders’ perceptions of wait times.

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New model helps improve intersection safety

The model helps engineers make informed decisions about when to use flashing yellow arrows signals for left turns.

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snow mobiling

Transportation drives growth of industry clusters

What do industry clusters need to grow and prosper? Recent U of M studies take a look at the vital role of transportation.

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New crash report interface improves usability, data quality

The new interface improves the accuracy, speed, and reliability of crash report data in Minnesota.

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