Student pass program provides educational, economic, societal benefits

The Go-To Student Pass Program, a partnership between Minneapolis Public Schools and Metro Transit that allows high school students to use public transportation, offers a range of benefits.

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‘New logistics’ will change the way goods are delivered

U of M experts are exploring how the rise in global trade, online retailing, and business-to-business delivery will affect the road network and transportation infrastructure.

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Initiative on the Sharing Economy to stimulate leadership and research

The new initiative will shed light on the growing trend toward the shared use of resources, with a particular focus on peer-to-peer shared mobility.

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Alternative fuels will help shape Minnesota’s transportation future

U of M researchers are exploring how the diversifying mix of fuels used to power our vehicles will affect transportation in Minnesota.

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Global Transit Innovations program discovers solutions, inspires change

The new program aims to discover innovative transit solutions and educate the next generation of transit leaders and practitioners.

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Helping visually impaired pedestrians find their way safely

Researchers are developing a new self-aware infrastructure system that works with a smartphone app to help visually impaired pedestrians navigate.

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