Freeway laboratory aids development of connected vehicles, improves traffic safety

U of M researchers have transformed a high-crash stretch of interstate into a testbed for connected vehicles.

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U of M hosts autonomous bus demo on Washington Avenue Bridge

On April 30, an innovative demonstration of a self-driving EZ10 All Electric Autonomous Bus offered free rides to students, staff, faculty, and the public.

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Study measures effects of congestion on access to jobs by car

A new report from the Accessibility Observatory estimates the impact of traffic congestion on access to jobs for 50 U.S. metro areas. The study also ranks access to jobs by car.

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Getting ready for shared autonomous vehicles

Professor Tom Fisher offers insights on the likely effects of shared autonomous vehicle fleets on infrastructure, land use, and more.

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Designing in-vehicle systems to improve safety for teens and older drivers

U of M researchers are exploring the adaptation of smartphone technology originally developed to teen driver safety to meet the needs and limitations of aging drivers.

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Research provides foundation for chloride mitigation efforts

U of M researchers are measuring the transport and accumulation of chloride from road deicers in a metro-area watershed. (Photo: David Gonzalez)

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