Submit a presentation idea for the 2018 CTS Research Conference

Consider sharing your research, implementation, or engagement work at this year's conference. Presentation submissions are due April 23.

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Transportation investments promote employment in Minnesota counties

A new study found that long-term transportation investments contribute significantly to employment in Minnesota counties, particularly rural ones. (Photo: David Gonzalez)

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Fostering transit-oriented development requires persistence, coordination, and strategy

In a new study, U of M researchers explore how the public sector can overcome obstacles and encourage TOD at a regional scale.

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Symposium explores freight’s role in the on-demand revolution

Participants at the Freight and Logistics Symposium discussed how meeting the demands of the new on-demand economy is challenging the freight industry.

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Park-and-ride lots, area development are not mutually exclusive at transit stations

Humphrey School researchers studied how far park-and-ride users are willing to walk and which factors influence that willingness.

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Engaging the public in local road funding decisions may lead to better outcomes

In a recent study, U of M researchers sought to better understand stakeholder attitudes, knowledge, and engagement about financing for local road system management.

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